Upcoming Elections

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Upcoming Elections

Elections will need to be held if there are multiple nominated candidates for any of the particular Executive Committee openings.

Serve as Chief Executive Officer of the section. Oversee all aspects of section management and lead all volunteers. Function as primary contact for regional director and headquarters.
Candidate: Eric Whichard

In a section that does not use a chair-elect system, the vice chair is second in command after the chair. If there are multiple vice chairs, their responsibilities and succession order shall be established by the SEC or bylaws.
Candidate: No candidates at this time.

Oversee section funds; maintain accurate section financial records; and report on financial condition of the section at times directed by the bylaws and policies and procedures.
Candidate: Aron Brall

Document section business and maintain records of the section and serve as the official correspondent of the section.
Candidate: Eric Finegan

There are also other multiple (non elected) positions open within the Section.

* Programs Chair / Cmte.
* Arrangements Chair / Cmte.
* Newsletter
* Recognition
* Examining Chair
* Student Branch Counselor
* Advisor (multiple postions open)

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