Jobseekers RSS Feed is now available.

September 27, 2007 by
Filed under: Placement 

This is the last time JobseekersĀ  Package updates will be put on the main page or in the What’s New/RSS feed. If you wish to get notifications of when the Jobseekers Information Packet is updated, then a separate feed is available for you to subscribe to (if you do not wish to use the YahooGroups email notifications). Think of this feed as the “What’s New” link for the Jobseekers program. This will keep the updates for the program off of the front page, but yet allow members to be notified when jobs or internet resources are added to the packet.

If you wish to receive notice that the Jobseekers package has been updated, then use the Jobseekers RSS feed to get notifications when the Job Packet changes. Further information is on the Jobseekers web page and the Webfeed explanation page.


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