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September 18, 2009 by
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Not only is there a new Calendar of Events where the events are displayed in a calendar and a listing, but there are areas on the sidebar (to the right) that will keep you informed of today’s events as well as upcoming events over the few weeks. The Calendar of Events and the Events listings on the side of the website will always have the latest data in them for local Quality Events.

Hovering your mouse pointer over an event may provide a little more detail than the title does. Additionally, the items are color coded to separate the various types of items – ASQ Baltimore, ASQ other, Certification, etc. And if you click on the title, your browser will take you to the relevant website.

This allows you to regularly keep up with local goings-on within the Quality Community in a more timely fashion than before.

If you have an event that is not listed and you wish it to be provided to the membership, please send it on to

Eric Finegan
Webmaster, “Where Quality Meets…”


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