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Dear ASQ Baltimore Members,

Before I begin my letter, I would like to note the passing of Wayne Paupst at the age of 53 after a courageous seven-year battle with cancer. Wayne was a former Deputy Regional Director for our region and a long time member of the Lehigh Valley Section. Please keep Wayne and his family in your thoughts.

As I sit here looking over the past year, I realize as I start my last year as Chair that we have come far with a lot still to do to meet the needs of the section.


You have requested meetings to be held north of the city and we have heard that request. Our initial plan was to hold at least one meeting in the Fall and one in the Spring north of the city. However, due to limitations with regards to our Speakers, we will be holding January and March meetings north. We have not confirmed the locations but two of the locations from the ‘Location contest’ were: Richlin Ballroom (off 95 from exit 77 in Edgewood) and Loyola College, Timonium Campus (right next to I-83 North, about a mile north of 695). Thank you to Melody Zacharko and Lauren Fagan for your suggestions. We are still accepting location suggestions (if you would like the details for locations, please email ).

Another change is that some of the meetings will be held on Tuesday and Thursday (depending on availability of location).

The following is the schedule (subject to change) for the 2010 – 2011 Dinner Meetings:

  • Sept 14 (Tuesday, Snyder’s) MPEA Winners and Award Ceremony

This is a joint meeting with Maryland Performance Excellence Foundation. If you have not attended one of our MPEA meetings, you may want to attend this one. This is a great example of quality from the eyes of individuals who do not have a background in quality. Please be aware that we will be starting a little early. We have a lot to complete during this meeting, so special time. For reservations, go to the ASQ-Baltimore Section web page Click on Events » Reservations – or via voice mail at 410-347-1453

  • Oct 12 (Tuesday, Snyder’s) Voice of the Customer / Six Sigma Red Belt in the Baltimore Section — John Weisz

If you have heard a previous talk by John, you know that you will go back home with some new quality idea. The tutorial will focus on the process and tools that help capture the voice of the Customer. While the program will focus on Six Sigma improvement, it is designed for both ASQ and non-ASQ professionals.

  • Nov 9 (Tuesday, Snyder’s) Reliability

If you have attended a dinner meeting and heard the announcement from Aron Brall about RAMS. This meeting will provide a taste of RAMS, there will be four speakers presenting the talks that they will be presenting at RAMS.

  • Dec 9 (Thursday, Snyder’s) Managing 4 generations in the Workplace
  • Jan 11 (Tuesday, NORTH) Topic to be determined
  • Feb 10 (Thursday, Snyder’s) Topic to be determined
  • Mar 8 (Tuesday, NORTH) Topic to be determined
  • Apr 7 (Thursday, Snyder’s) Blood Bank and Quality
  • May TBD

We are currently working on something special for this meeting.

  • June TBD (Social)

So far we have the suggestion of a cruise. We are still accepting suggestions on where to hold our social; please email .

  • Lean-Six Sigma meetings

Last year we started a SIG (special interest group) for Six Sigma. Like last year we are hoping to have 3 – 4 meetings this year. Look out for the announcements.

  • Breakfast meetings

In previous years, we have had a strong turnout for our Breakfast Meetings. However, the individuals who ran the program have retired. If you are interested in our Breakfast meetings, please contact me .


The following courses will be held at the Catonsville Campus of CCBC. If you are interested in enrolling, go to

  • 38224 – Certified Manager Organizational Quality – Tuesday/Thursday, 8/24-9/30, 7-9:30 pm
  • 38225- Certified Quality Auditor Review – Wednesdays, 9/15-11/17, 7-10:30 pm
  • 31544 – Certified Quality Engineer Review – Wednesdays, 9/15-11/17, 7-10:30 pm

The textbook will be the corresponding Primer from the Quality Council of Indiana ( and will need to be purchased prior to the first class.

Interested in teaching or have questions regarding these courses or have a particular course you would like to see in the Fall, please email .


If you are interested in volunteering, we have several positions/tasks available. They include (but are not limited to: Proctoring (one Saturday morning), Science Fair Judge (one Saturday), Education Chair, and Advisors. Come to one of our upcoming board meetings (see the website for the meeting calendar). Contact any section officer or committee chair or see the website for dates, directions, etc.

ASQ Survey:

Reminder: You will be receiving an email from ASQ National during the beginning of the New Year. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey. Your comments are important to the level (Gold, Silver, Bronze) of the ASQ National Quality Award we receive next year. If you have any negative/positive issues, please feel free to email me ().


If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me ().

Thank you to all of the volunteers who keep the section going.

Joan Richter


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