ASQ Baltimore Status – Website Maintenance

December 11, 2010 by
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Year-end maintenance has begun.  As long as this message is at the top of the front of the the website, the website will be undergoing testing, maintenance and host changing.

Ultimately, the website will be better off after the work that is now on-going.  You may not see any immediate physical changes, but there will be significant speed and reliability improvements, and a number of new software features that will be available to the Section for use by and for its members.

Any questions specifically for the website development may be emailed to the temporary email address:  Please do not email any non-website questions, they will be deleted without response.  

Email and website access may be temporarily spotty during the maintenance window, so if you do not get any notices or replies over the next few weeks, please try again after the new website notice come up.

Thank you for your patience.  

Eric Finegan


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