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The cover story for the August issue of Quality Progress is: Certification at Work.

The ASQ website has information on getting and maintaining your certifications (

There is information deeper on the ASQ website that you may find useful, whether you have a certification or are simply thinking about getting one. Here are a number of ASQ resources that you can use for getting background on certification.

Value of an ASQ Certification

Certification Tracks

Other certification material


ASQ forums/communities are a great place to get information and ask questions of other ASQ members about the certification process and how to study for the exams (benefit of membership).

  • Elsmar Forums (this forum topic, or search on certification or ASQ certification throughout the forum). Note, this is not an ASQ resource, and you will receive a variety of opinions on the subject of certification, but Elsmar is a good resource for quality/regulatory personnel to be monitoring.

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