December 2017 Dinner Meeting Announcement

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December Dinner Meeting – Linear Programming Approach to Multi-Level Maintenance

Information on the Tuesday, December 5, 2017 Dinner meeting has been posted:
Venue: Conference Center at the Maritime Institute

Program: Linear Programming Approach to Multi-Level Maintenance
Linear Programming has the capability to optimize multi-level maintenance operations. Although addressed in maintainability documentation and papers for over 50 years, it is still not a commonly used tool. With the advent of Simplex Method Solvers in Excel, solutions to Linear Programming scenarios have become low cost and easily available. By addressing scenarios through identifying the primary goal and the constraints to the operations, Linear Programming is a highly useful tool for maintainability engineering and needs to be used on a more regular basis.

Tutorial: Process FMEA: Why, When, and How to Perform
Why does it always seem we have plenty of time to fix our problems, but never enough time to prevent the problems by doing it right the first time? Why do we skimp on analysis early in a program and then spend excessively to resolve problems late in the program?
Remember as Ben Franklin wrote: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
The Process FMEA is a powerful tool that can dramatically resolve problems in any process, whether, manufacturing, test, design, or business.

Presenter: Aron Brall is Reliability Subject Matter Expert at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center for ARES Technical Services and also performs private consulting in Manufacturing and Process Improvement. Previously he was Reliability Service Area Lead at Goddard for ManTech International, and he was Vice President of Quality, during 14 years at Landis Grinding Systems, a UNOVA Company. Prior to that he worked 12 years for Amecom Division of Litton Systems as a Systems Effectiveness Project Engineer. Out of 49 years professional experience, 41 have been in Reliability and Product Assurance. He received a BS in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science, NY, NY, and an MBA from Sellinger School of Business at Loyola University, Baltimore, MD. He has been a member of the RAMS Management Committee from 1999 – 2013, was the General Chair for RAMS 2013, and has been on the RAMS Board of Directors since 2013. He is a senior member of ASQ, a senior life member of IEEE, and a member of the SRE and SAE. Aron is an ASQ Certified Reliability Engineer and a contributing member of the committees that prepared both editions of SAE M-110, Reliability and Maintainability Guideline for Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment.


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