September 2018 Dinner Meeting Announcement

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September 2018 Dinner Meeting – Sociogram: The Social Network Quality tool for Understanding interrelationships between individuals in groups

Information on the Tuesday, September 11, 2018 Dinner Meeting has been posted:

Venue: Conference Center at the Maritime Institute

Program: Sociograms are special data visualizations that help reveal patterns of interactions between individuals (called nodes) participating in meetings, focus groups, or discussions as a form of social network analysis. The sociogram extends beyond the Interrelationship Digraph.

Sociograms allow two-way connections between people or groups whereas Interrelationship Digraphs only allow one-way connections. This presentation constructs a sociogram using an example that tracks the interactions of people in quality improvement team meetings with the aid of R software.

Speaker:  Mel Alexander is an Operations Research Analyst with the Social Security Administration. He uses Statistical Analytics to ensure proper payments go to eligible beneficiaries. Mel also is a Statistical Consultant in the Departments of Diagnostic Radiology and Neurosurgery at the University of Maryland Medical Center where he builds statistical models that identify key factors to increase patient’s chances of surviving traumatic head, spinal cord, and abdominal injuries. He is a past chair of ASQ’s Baltimore Section and Healthcare Division and is a Standing Review Board member for ASQ Quality Press. He holds a master’s degree in Biostatistics from the University of North Carolina. He is an ASQ Fellow and Certified Quality Engineer.

Tutorial: The Interrelationship Digraph (a.k.a. Relations Diagram or ID) is one of seven Quality Management and Planning (7 QMP) tools identify cause-and-effect relationships described by Shigeru Mizuno in his 1988 classic Management for Quality Improvement: The 7 New QC Tools, Cambridge, MA, Productivity Press, Inc.

This tutorial describes steps of building an interrelationship digraph with an example using R software.


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