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If you have not already noticed, there have not only been changes made to the main ASQ Baltimore website, but also the JobSeekers website, now located at

The new website now has a regularly maintained Calendar of Events (Career Fair/Job related) and a new feature where relevant articles regarding various issues surrounding the Job Search are provided for the membership to view. This is in addition to the Job Ads that are continued to be posted when available.

Additionally, the website now maintains a database listing of all of the links that used to be included in the Jobseekers Packet (including training, a large local company list, tips, news, etc).  These lists are now computerized and can be displayed in a variety of ways as needed.  Additionally, there have been a significant number of updates to the items on the list.  The website will also regularly check for broken links, so hopefully the list of links will remain fresh.

The Yahoo Groups that currently maintain the email list of ASQ Balt Jobseekers will continue to function for now, but a new, different subscription system may be implemented in the near future.

If you have any questions, please check out the site and/or email the Placement Chair at .

Thank you

Eric Finegan, Placement Chair

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