Section Board Duties

Executive OfficersDescription
Chair Serve as Chief Executive Officer of the section. Oversee all aspects of section management and lead all volunteers. Function as primary contact for regional director and headquarters. (full position description)
Vice-Chair In a section that does not use a chair-elect system, the vice chair is second in command after the chair. If there are multiple vice chairs, their responsibilities and succession order shall be established by the SEC or bylaws. (full position description)
Treasurer Oversee section funds; maintain accurate section financial records; and report on financial condition of the section at times directed by the bylaws and policies and procedures. (full position description)
Secretary Document section business and maintain records of the section and serve as the official correspondent of the section. (full position description)
Immediate Past Chair
Programs Chair / Cmte. Responsible for planning and implementing programs and activities of the section.Note: This position is currently open. (full position description)
Arrangements Chair / Cmte. Oversees arrangements for all regular meetings of the section and other special programs and conferences as assigned by the Section Executive Committee or other committee chairs.
Breakfast Meetings Responsible for planning and implementing programs and activities of the section (specializing in the Breakfast programs offered by the Section).
Evaluations This is being adapted into the Voice of the Customer Chair (not documented yet)
Publicity Ensure that section meetings and programs are publicized through a variety of media outlets reaching the membership and local community in a timely manner. (full position description)
Newsletter Ensure that section members receive an informative newsletter on a consistent and timely basis by coordinating the content, publication, and mailing of the section newsletter in a manner consistent with the member's preferences for communication. (full position description)
Voicemail This position has been absorbed into other positions.
Internet Liaison / Webmaster Develop and maintain a continuous reliable source for section information via the Internet. (full position description)
Yahoo Group Moderator Maintains the Yahoo Group, the primary electronic communication mechanism for ASQ Baltimore Board members. Invites new Board members to participate, investigates and resolves problems, updates Board calendar, and annually establishes new folders for the upcoming program year.
Member ServicesDescription
Membership Responsible for section efforts to recruit and retain members, ensuring member value and satisfaction to promote section growth. Maintain membership and activity information for the section. (full position description)
Nominating Chair / Cmte. (Elections) Identifies and nominates, with the nominating committee, qualified individuals for the minimally required elected section positions of chair, secretary, and treasurer. Individual section policies will determine if other positions are necessary, i.e. Chair-elect and/or Vice Chair. (full position description)
Placement Chair / Jobseekers Coordinate the section's job placement program to facilitate access to professional opportunities for your section members and assist area companies with recruiting quality professionals. (full position description)
Professional AdvancementDescription
Education Plans and implements educational programs for the Section such as conferences and/or special seminars. (full position description)
Examining Chair Advises section members on the qualifications of advancement in membership grade and takes recommendations to the Society's Examining Committee Chair for advancement in to the membership grade of Fellow. (full position description)
Proctor, Chief Proctor, Chief: Coordinates the certification exams with ASQ. Exams are given four times a year.
Certification / Recertifications Chair / Cmte. Coordinate and manage section activities related to ASQ's certification and recertification program. Help section members with the recertification process. Note: Volunteers for assistance with the Re-certification committee are being solicited. (full position description)
Community AffairsDescription
Koalaty Kid Activity Chair Serve as the liaison between the section and K-12 educational institutions wishing to use quality processes to improve student achievement and organizational performance. (full position description)
Science Fair Activity Chair There are no external liaisons to be noted at this time.
Section LiaisonsDescription
Division Liaison (full position description)
Local Section Liaison
Performance Excellence User Group
Advisory / Audit PositionsDescription
Advisor (full position description)

Note: There are some advisor positions currently open.
Auditing Chair / Cmte. The Audit Chair coordinates and manages the audit of section financial information as determined by Society policies and procedures. (full position description)
Section Management Plan Cmte.
Student Branch Counselor(full position description)

Information current as of: August 20, 2009.