February 2018 Dinner Meeting Announcement

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February 2018 Dinner Meeting – The Sample Design Method

Information on the Tuesday, February 13, 2018 Dinner Meeting has been posted:
Venue: Conference Center at the Maritime Institute

Program: Sample Design Method
The Sample Design Method (SDM) is an Extension of OC that permits minimum single sample size designs (parameters c and s) to meet requirements on Cost, Pa, ARQ, LTPD, AOQ, PR, or CR. Quantitative methods for estimating Quality Cost, including both costs of maintaining Quality and costs of failure of Quality are presented and then analyzed by SDM to arrive at an optimum Pa. Once Pa is established, SDM is used to design a minimum size single sample to meet the requirement. SDM is also useful for designing to specified AQL, PR, LTPD, CR, and AOQ requirements. These procedures are presented also.

Tutorial: Quality Design method for obtaining optimized samples
The Program focuses on how to use this new tool, and this Tutorial is devoted to explaining the basis for it and comparing it to other methods, particularly OC. It is shown how to derive an OC using the SDM method

Presenter: Julian McDermott has been contributing to Engineering and Computer Science for over 50 years. After receiving his BEE (City College NY), MSEE, and MBA (Northeastern University), MCcert Computer Programming (Boston University), and PE (Massachusetts); he passed the PhD qualifying exam at Northeastern, taught at Howard County Community College(HCCC) and did recent coursework at HCCC and University of Maryland University College.

In terms of experience, Mr. McDermott worked extensively in Reliability (General Dynamics), Quality Control (IBM), and Computer Systems review and programming (Mitre Corporation and City of Boston) as well as working many years in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.


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Look forward to seeing you there for networking and a great meeting topic.

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